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Electrolysis Of Copper Sulphate


The method of electrolysis, employed in commercial cleaning of ores such copper sulphide ore, is presented in this test. Electrolysis employs an electrical stream to transport ions between two electrodes in an electrolyte solution. When a current is supplied, in copper electrolysis, positively charged copper ions (called cations) leave the anode and travel to the cathode. (negative electrode).

A US penny functions as copper source/anode in that experiment (Figure 1), while a U.S. dime is the cathode (a dime, versus another penny, makes the movement of copper more obvious). The electrolyte is utilized as a diluted water solution, comprising copper sulphate and sulfuric acid. A 9 volt battery (V) supplies an electric current.

Copper atoms can be oxidized to cations with a positive charge (Cu2+) if electric current supply via the positive end of the battery to the anode (penny). The cations are freed up in the electrolyte solution and the cathode (dime) is drawn to the battery’s negative terminal. In addition, the solution containing coppers as positive cations that are likewise attracted to the negative electrodes is the copper sulphate electrolyte (the cathode, a dime).

The temperatures impact in particular the electrolyte solution’s psycho chemical characteristics, mass transfer parameters, and ultimately the efficiency of electro chemical processes in the copper electricity industry. In the case of H+ and Fe3+ concentrations the temperature impacts the electrolyte speciation, with rising temperature owing to complicated species formation. In addition, the rising temperature decreases electrolyte viscosity, thereby facilitating mass transfer and improving current efficiency.

Positive Anode (penny): Cu (solid)  Cu2+(aqueous) + 2 e-

Negative Cathode (dime): Cu2+(aqueous) + 2 e-  Cu(solid)

This leads in a net copper loss from the anode (penny) and the increase in a copper layer on the cathode (dime).

Figures 1: Copper electrolysis lab materials required.


  • Dime (any year)
  • 9V battery (use a new 9V battery for each experiment)
  • gauge copper wire
  • Four alligator clips (2 each of red and black)
  • Wire stripper and needle-nosed pliers
  • Two 250-mL beakers
  • Cardboard circle (approx. 15 cm diameter)
  • Precision scale (optional)
  • Electrolyte solution for copper sulphate (200 g CuSO4· 5H2O + 25.0 ml concentrated in sufficient distilled or deionized water for 1.0 l of solution)
  • Solution for the coin cleaning (1 TSP table of salt in 1/2 cup vinegar)
  • Penny before 1982 (contains 95% copper, compared with just 2,5% copper since 1982)

Safety precautions

During this experiment, gloves and goggle should be used. Care may be taken to cause sulfuric acid burns. Each electricity source, albeit relative weak, should not be used for electrodes and connecting wires when the cell is running. The 9V battery during operation can get very hot; care when touching it.


Clean the penny with a mixture of salt or vinegar; dry and rince (Dime not to be washed) with water.

Wire assembly preparation:

  1. Cut a copper wire 33 cm in length (Figure 2)

Figure 2. 33 cm of copper wire 18-gage length.

  1. Remove the red and black-coated wires from each other (Figure 3).

Figure 3. – A) the peeling of red and black covered wires; B) red and black separated wires

  1. Use 1.6 mm gauge to remove ~1.5 cm of the length of the rubber covering from both ends of a wire in order to reveal the coffee filaments (Figure 4).

Figure 4. – A) a wire stripper closed; B) an open wire strippor; and C) 1.5 cm long, copper wire rubber removed for filament exposure.

  1. Squeeze strands tightly and fold halfway together (Figure 5).

Figure 5. A) copper filaments exposed; B) twisted copper movable; and C) copper filaments twisted and folded end result.

  1. Make a separate inch in two holes in the cardboard.
  1. Push through a hole the red wire and through the other the black wire.
  1. Inserting the wire into an adjustable alligator clip each folded end of the wires in order to touch the metal within the clip handle (red wire should have a red alligator clip at each end; black wire should have a black alligator clip at each end; Figure 6).
  1. Turn your coin to the red electrode and pin it to the black electrode (Figure 7).

Figure 6.- A) Copper wire unconnected; b) copper wire connected to the clips of the alligator.

Figure 7. Full wire assemblage: red and black wire with the associated alligator clips and the insertion of coins through the carton.

  1. In the beaker, put 150 mL of the solution for copper sulphate electrolyte.
  1. Put the cable mount over the beaker to submerge the coin ‘electrodes,’ as indicated in Figure 8.
  1. Clip every connecting wire to the 9V battery terminals: turn the red on the positive terminal and black on the negative terminal (Figure 9).

Figure 8. – Electrodes submerged in a solution of electrolyte.

Figure 9. A) cross-sections of the final complete set-up of the copper electrolysis facility. ; b) Actual copper electrolysis full-settings image.

6. Allow the electrolytic cell 30-60 minutes to function.

OPTIONAL: Record the duration of the operation of the cell.

7.Take away the coin/copper wire carton and hang it in a vacuum cup or beaker to dry until it is dry. (about 5-10 min.) Do not touch the coins so that any coffee plate will not be lost.

8. Check the changes coins.

OPTIONAL: Weigh and record the mass of every coin/copper wire assembly.

The initial and final mass difference is calculated.

Risk Assessment & Hazards

Eye protection (goggles) must be used in all practises as a general rule.

HazardPossible harmPrecaution
Solution of copper sulphateSerious skin and eye discomfortUse gloves
DC power supplyelectric shockTurn off the device, make sure the electrodes do not contact.


Be careful that no contact with the skin or eyes occurs when working with the copper sulphate solution. Furthermore, since the solution is ecologically dangerous, it must never be flushed down the laboratory drain. The solution of sodium hydroxide used in the experiment is highly diluted yet skin and eyes contact should be prevented.


There are several factors which influence the decomposition voltage of the electrolyte. The electrolyte plays an essential function in addition to the electrode material. The numbers obtained here should only be taken as trends, because the concentrations and temperatures also have an effect. The decomposure voltage is less than 0.4 V in water for carbon, whereas it is approximately copper. 1 V and it’s approx. for platinum. 2 V. The breakdown voltage in the copper sulphate solution is 0 V, on the other hand, whilst for the carbohydrate solution about. It requires 0.5 V.


A concise summary of the impact of the temperature on copper electricity was presented in this study. In the electromagnetic copper solution of synthesised copper sultanate, experimental data were also available for the temperature impact on current efficiency, energy consumption, Cu deposition rate, and morphology. For the copper electrowinning process, temperatures are a major parameter. In general, previous experimental research have shown that an increase in temperature can enhance the current density and the deposition rate of copper.

The kind of deposition process and electrolyte composition (i.e. the electrolyte concentration of Cu2+) are independent of the temperature. With the rise of the temperature resulting to an increase in copper deposition, the resistance of the electolyte solution and cell is lowered. Furthermore, the electrolyte temperature has a beneficial impact on the quality of cathode copper. In the studies done at constant concentration and current density (30 g /L Cu, 250 A/m2), increased temperature demonstrated an increase in process kinetics and a decrease of cell potential by about 0.09 V, while reducing energy consumption by approximately ~10 percent.

The main consequence of rising temperature was the reduction in energy usage. Electro finishing for copper recovery from pregnant leaching solutions is extensively utilized (PLS). With copper electricity, pure copper metal in the cathode, oxygen gas in the anode is created and the electrolyte solution produces regenerated sulfuric acid. Cathode (1), anode (2) and general reactions (3) are followed while electroplating copper

Cu2+ + 2e → Cu (E0 = + 0.34V) (1)

H2O → 1/2 O2 + 2H++ 2e(E0 = -1.23V) (2)

Cu2+ + H2O → Cu0 + 1/2O2 + 2H+ (3)

In general, copper electro-induction takes place under a broad range of temperatures from 25 to 65 So the process does not have an ideal temperature and another plant-based operational factors define the optimal temperature. One of the most important criteria for electricity in copper might be the temperature utilised for controlling copper cathode production and quality

The temperatures impact in particular the electrolyte solution’s psychochemical characteristics, mass transfer parameters, and ultimately the efficiency of electro chemical processes in the copper electricity industry. In the case of H+ and Fe3+ concentrations the temperature impacts the electrolyte speciation, with rising temperature owing to complicated species formation.

In addition, raising temperature decreases electrolyte viscosity, facilitating mass transfer and enhancing existing efficiency.

Where M (Cu) is the molecular weight of Cu, I (A) is passed into amperes, t is time in sec, n is the number of electrons transferred (here =2) and another study reveals that an increase of temperature greatly adds to a rise in the limiting density of the current. Moreover, the diffusion of ions in the solution rises with an increased temperature

The current efficiency can thus be enhanced by raising the electrolyte temperature with high Cu concentration and low impurity ion concentration, especially with Fe3+. However, the rising temperature leads to a rise in the Fe3+ diffusion coefficient in a high Fe3+ electrolyte and reduces current efficiency due to this phenomena. In this scenario, the temperature rises between 300 and 600C.

In the past research, you may find details about the experimental equipment and techniques. A 400 ml pyrex beakers (Mixed Metal Oxide Coated) anode and copper sheets as a cathode were utilised for electrolytic cells used in this investigation. The average voltage and therefore energy usage were monitored using the anode and cathode with the DC sources and PHYWE Cobra 3 basic device. The distance between electrodes was 2.5 cm

The influence of temperature (20-50 dc) on the Cu deposition (g/h) rate is seen in Figure 2. The copper exposure rate increased with rising temperature. A better diffusion of cu ions in the cathode might be caused by the favourable impact of the temperature.

Table 2. Temperature effect on the deposition rate of the copper.

Energy consumption, especially minerals and metallurgy, is one of the major challenges in all industries.. The electronics of copper are an energetic intensive process compared to electro-refining. In comparison to ~0,3 Volt for HOHFWURUH¿QLQJ, the electrical potential needed for electronics input is ~2,0V. The energy consumption is ~2-2,2 kWh/t in practical terms. Copper is estimated via equation to obtain the needed electrical energy (7)

E=V(v) x I(A) x t(sec) (7)\

Where V is determined in volts as average, I is constant (0.31 A) in current, and t is time in seconds.

Figure 4 also shows the influence of temperature on current efficiency that in electricity production operations is considered an essential characteristic. The energy consumption and efficiency of the electrical operations are greatly affected by this. With higher raging temperatures examined, the present efficiency of the copper process was judged to improve. The current efficiency was increased by approximately 2 percent and the temperature increased from 20 to 50°C.

Energy Consumption Temperature Effect

Figure 4. Effect on current efficiency of the temperature ( percent )

Temperature effects on copper deposits morphology have been investigated by determining surface ruggedness. The cathode surface ruggedness tended to rise, as demonstrated in Figure 5 and given in Table 1.

Cathodes as indicated by Ra (arithmetic mean roughness) and Rz (mean peak to valley height) values have surface roughness. Rz and Ra values of the deposit have risen by the temperature increase from 20 to 50 kbC.

The electro chemical response and diffusion of ions are increased by rising temperature is a consistent reason for this. As such, the crystal structure is not sufficiently developed. That is, the rough cathode surface is typically linked to the high rate of nucleation and crystal-growth accompanied by an increase in temperatures, alongside dendritic structure.

Figure 5. Cathode morphological effect of the temperature.

Table1. Temperature effect on cathode surface ruggedness


This experiment has proven experimentally that rising temperatures have favourable impacts on electricity deposition rate, current efficiency and energy usage. The positive effect was due to a disproportionately significant rise in high-strom collisions and rising temperatures. Around 10% energy consumption decrease has been recorded. However, copper repositories tend to decrease with rising temperatures in terms of surface roughness. The need for an effective temperature control and optimization seems to be to balance deposit quality with improved copper electro-pick-up in respect of deposition rate, current efficiency and energy consumption.

When the temperature is altered, there are no great variations in tension, as mentioned previously “it doesn’t really matter what angle the electrode reaches nor how much power it hits.’ The temperature changes, increases the rate of impact of the atom per second and alters the amount of force it reaches through its kinetic energy supply. If however, the KE does not move to the electron as a result of its size, the electron is also transmitted at the same pace since a copper wire needs to pass through before it reaches the cathode.


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Electrolysis Of Copper Sulphate

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