MEL4E Grade 12 Key Questions’ Answers


Key Question 1:

Answer 1:

Class IntervalFrequency
100 – 1095

Answer 2:


Answer 3:



Answer 4:



Answer 5.

a. ND Cougar basketball team


Population of Canada by age group in 1991

Answer 6.

a. The name of this graph should be “Car’s value Vs Mileages”.  But it is clearly shown that given data of x -axis is about mileages and y-axis is about Car’s value.

b. At 55000km mileage does the car’s value reach $6000

c. For 0 mileage does the car’s value increase the most.

d. For 120000km mileage does the car’s value decrease the most.

e. At 130000km, I think the car’s value will be $2000

f. If you look at the Car’s value graph it shows it is decreasing but from 60000 to 120000 km the line is falling very slowly. So Maybe car’s value reaches $0 but then the mileage should be very much high.

Answer 7.

a. In this bar graph, It is shown that the most sold fruits are Apples. Then Oranges, Mangoes, Papaya and the least sold fruits are Star fruits.

b. Yes, It is true. Because from the bar graph we can see 52kg Apples are sold. Which is higher than other fruits.

c. If I consider Papaya and Star Fruit are exotic fruits then the combine weight will be 16+8 = 24Kg

d. ((40+52) – (16+8+24) )= 44 kg of apples and oranges were sold than mangos, star fruit and papaya

Key Question 2:

Answer 1.

  1. To determine the data line graph is the best choice.
  2. Because, Line graphs are used to chart changes over short and long time periods. When there are little changes, line graphs are preferable to bar graphs. Line graphs may also be used to compare changes in more than one group during the same time period.
  3. to show the total number of each type of movie (horror, action, comedy, etc.) in your movie collection it would be best to use Line Graph
  4. To show the marks in grade 12 workplace math, it would be best to use Bar Graph

Answer 2:

  1. For this data, Column graph is the best. Because Column charts are excellent for displaying data changes over time or presenting comparisons between things. Categories are generally grouped along the horizontal axis and values along the vertical axis in column charts.
  • For this data, Bar Chart is the best. Because Bar graphs are used to compare data across groups or to follow changes over time. When attempting to assess change over time, however, bar graphs work best when the changes are big.
  • For this data, line Graph is the best. Line graphs are used to chart changes over short and long time periods. When there are little changes, line graphs are preferable to bar graphs. Line graphs may also be used to compare changes in more than one group during the same time period.

Answer 3:

a. There are several methods for testing the performance of your product. Paid surveys, mobile market research apps, freight forwarding testing, and independent market researchers, for example, are among the least expensive approaches to analyse marketing your goods. It is beneficial to obtain real-world feedback before introducing a new product.

b. City councillors sought to put all city residents’ opinions to the test. The council had to employ a random sample design to pick individuals from all city inhabitants in order to gather a neutral sample. Because the 500 city inhabitants polled their own dogs, the survey yielded a biassed sample. This sample does not include all of the city’s population.

Answer 4. No. This conclusion does not follow logically from the data. Minimum 1 Hero should be there in CANADA. It does not making any link to create a logic.

Key Question 3:

Answer 1. a. The odds of the Red Sox winning  is 1- 3/7 = 4/7

b. Blue Jays will be win.

c. If this was a best-of-seven series for the American League Pennant 7 games should the Blue jays win.

Answer 2. a. The probability of it not raining today is 60%.

b.The odds that it will rain is 40/100 = 0.4

Answer 3. The odds of winning a prize in the Cash for Cancer lottery are 1 in 7. The chances of winning a prize 1/7 * 100 = 14.2%

Answer 4. a. The probability of a king in a deck of cards is 4/52 = 1/13

b. The probability of a face card in a deck of cards is 12/52 = 3/13

c. The probability of a Diamond in a deck of cards is 13/52 = ¼

d. The probability of a Black Card in a deck of cards is 26/52 = ½

Answer 5.  P(A2) = (4/52)*(3/51) = 1/221

Answer 6. a. The probability that a bulb is defective is 12/ 100 = 3/25

b. The probability of a bulb not being defective is 1 – 3/25 = 22/25

c. The chance (as a per cent) of having a defective bulb is 1/25 = 4%

Answer 7. a. If a two-headed coin into the air. The probability of flipping a) head is 0.5

b) tail is 0.5

Answer 8. Yes, It is absolutely fair. Because it is all about luck. There are a total of 38 places, therefore the likelihood of a ball landing on one of them is 1 in 38.

Answer 9. We know that, the probability of an event = Favorable outcomes / Total outcomes.

Total Results = 6 * 6 = 36

The ways to get 6 is (1,5),(2,4),(3,3),(5,1),(4,2)

The probability of getting 6 is P = 5/36

Answer 10. The odds of rolling a 3 on a die that is weighted to land on the number 5 will be 3/36 x 3/36 x 3/36 x 3/36 x 3/36 = 1/248832

Key Question 4:

Answer 1. a. Total number of times each colour was selected is (2/39 + 5/39 + 8/39) = 15/39

b. For Blue piece = 2/(2+5+8) = 2/15

For Red Piece = 5/15 = 1/3

For Yellow Piece = 8/15

Answer 2. a) 4/52 = 1/13

            b. the odds of drawing each of the cards:

P=1/4 × 1/13 × 1/52 = 1/2704

Answer 3. a) P(all boys)=1/2 × ½ × ½ =1/8.

P(all boys or all girls)=1/8 + 1/8=1/4

P(exactly 2 boys or 2 girls)=1−1/4=3/4

b) Results: 2,1,2,4,6,,1,2,3,6,5,4,4,3,1,1,3,1,1,5,6,6,2,2,3,4,2,5,5,6,4. (Assumptions)

c) 2 Boys and 1 girl

d) The probability of the couples first-born child being male 50:50

e. The chances that the couple will be blessed with 3 little girls is ¼.

f. the probability of the couple having at least two sons is ¾.

Answer 4. a. i. The probability that the first four people you ask will have a birthday in the fall or winter is P(shared birthday) = 1− 365 P30/ 365 30   ≈ 0.706

ii. It can be dice a roll to perform the experiment.

iii. Results:  2,1,2,4,6,,1,2,3,6,5,4,4,3,1,1,3,1,1,5,6,6,2,2,3,4,2,5,5,6,4.

iv. The answer should be 0.706

b. i. The probability that you will wear the Tommy Jeans is 1/5

ii. To perform the experiment we can use five different colored balls and a bag.

iii. Results: RED, Green, Black, Orange, Purple.

iv. The result will be : 1/5

Key Question 5:


  1. Due to the addiction to gambling cause, Carl has to face other problems too. Because It is a very harmful addiction.
  2. Yes, it is. Because gambling may lead to despair, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, certain bodily indications should be kept an eye out for. Depression and anxiety can cause sleep deprivation, which can contribute to pale complexion, weight gain or loss, acne, and dark bags under the eyes.
  3. Gambling addiction is treatable with the correct treatment. You don’t need the object of your addiction to survive, unlike someone with a food addiction. All you have to do is learn how to have a life.

In general, gambling addiction is treated in the same way that other addictions are.

  1. Medication
  2. Psychotherapy
  3. Lifestyle Changes etc.
  5. a) I will question myself that, is any fault of mine for Carl’s this situation. I will think about how to make Carl cured of this addiction.
  6. i. What is the reason, he started this?

ii. Does He needs money?

iii.Who took him into this addiction?

  • Yes, Of course. I will try my best to take her back from gambling.
  • a) At first, Maybe I would be angry at his irresponsibility. But Next, I will tell him to not repeat this again. At least, think about our children’s life

e) No, I will not tell them about their father’s problem. I don’t want to make bad Carl Infront of their children.

Answer 5. Although the majority of persons who play cards or gamble never develop a gambling problem, the following criteria are more frequently connected with compulsive gambling:

Disorders of the mind Compulsive gamblers frequently have drug abuse issues, personality disorders, depression, or anxiety. Compulsive gambling has been linked to bipolar illness, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Certain traits of personality Being very competitive, a workaholic, impetuous, restless, or quickly bored may raise your chances of developing compulsive gambling.

      Answer 6.  Gambling, which is linked to drug and alcohol misuse and even hobbies like shopping, maybe addictive if it becomes compulsive and uncontrollable. These junkies are the result of two separate types of brain rewards that influence our behavior: love and want.

Answer 7. No, Stock market trading is not the same as a dice game, whereas gambling is a game with no money to play with. Trading entails reviewing historical data and interpreting accessible data in order to trade or invest in stocks. Trading, unlike gambling, has no end or loss. Companies compete with one another to develop their own goods and deliver better services, which results in increased stock values. This results in higher earnings for the company’s owners. As a result, trading is not gambling.

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