MSL973013 Perform basic tests

Knowledge Assessment

Task 1 – Student

Unit information

Unit code:MSL973013Unit title / release number:Perform basic tests (release 1)
Qualification code:FBP20121Qualification title / Release number:Diploma of Food Science and Technology (release 1 – 9/9/2021)
Task number:1 of 2Task name:Principles of sampling and testing
Student ID: Student Name: 

Student Declaration

  • I have been provided access to the unit outline which lists all the assessment tasks required to satisfactorily complete this unit
  • I have access to a copy of this assessment which can be produced if the original is lost/damaged
  • I understand that plagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is your own.  Plagiarism occurs when the origin of the material used is not appropriately cited.  For further information relating to plagiarism refer to the Student Plagiarism Policy on the Federation University Australia website
  • This assessment is my original work and no part of it has been copied from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made
  • No part of this assessment has been written for me by any other person, except where such collaboration has been authorised by the assessor concerned
  • I have not previously submitted this work for this or any other program/unit
  • I have not allowed this work to be copied by another person
  • I give permission for this work to be reproduced, communicated, compared and archived for the purpose of detecting plagiarism
  • I give permission for a copy of my work to be retained by Federation University for review and comparison, including review by external auditors

Note: the University will hold a copy of this completed form and relevant completed task for seven (7) years.

Student declaration

I declare that I agree to and with the above statements:

Student signature Attempt☐ 1st attempt ☐ 2nd attempt

Record of assessment outcome

Assessment outcome

SatisfactoryNot SatisfactoryIf not satisfactory, provide details: ☐ Gaps identified / further evidence required ☐ Suggestions for collecting further evidence ☐ Date for rescheduled assessment:  Enter date
Context in which assessment tasks were undertaken:☐ Workplace Assessment☐ RTO☐ Other:

Reasonable Adjustments

Was reasonable adjustment in place for this assessment?☐ Yes ☐ No
If yes, please add clarifying comment: 

Feedback to student

Assessor Name 
Assessor Signature Date 

Student declaration

I declare that I have been provided with feedback on my performance

Student signature Date 

Would you like to make any comments about this assessment?


Assessment description

  • This is the first of two assessment tasks you need to successfully complete to be deemed competent in this unit
  • For this assessment task, you are required to read through a scenario and standard operating procedures (SOP’s), and successfully answer 15 questions
  • This task will be completed on Moodle
  • This is an open-book assessment and you may refer to the learner resource book

Unit description

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge to prepare samples and perform tests and measurements using standard methods with access to readily available advice from supervisors.

This unit of competency applies to laboratory/field assistants working in all industry sectors. In general, they do not calibrate equipment and make only limited adjustments to the controls.  They do not interpret or analyse results or troubleshoot equipment problems.

Assessment conditions

  • This is an individual assessment task.  Students must work on their own to complete this assessment
  • Students may ask the assessor to clarify instructions or questions, but no further assistance is given
  • Students must complete this assessment in keeping with workplace conditions, students must demonstrate the ability to complete the activity using correct terminology and workplace communication
  • Students must sign a student cover sheet stating that the responses provided are the product of their own work.  This will support the authenticity of the evidence
  • All criteria listed in assessor’s marking guide must be completed satisfactorily to the standard described
  • Students unable to complete the task within the required time frame, due to a change in circumstances as outlined in the Federation TAFE Special Consideration policy and procedures, must contact the assessor to discuss special consideration before the due date.  Refer to the following Federation TAFE website for details:
  • Reasonable adjustment may be made at the teacher’s discretion, ensuring that all criteria to be marked satisfactory are met without affecting the integrity of the unit. (Policy SS1971)
  • No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task . The task will be resulted as Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory
  • Student appeals are reviewed in accordance with Policy CG1488
  • VET students are entitled to two assessment attempts for each assessment task within a unit enrolment period. Students must submit the assessment tasks by the due date and time.  If submission is not by the due date, the work will be resulted as Not Satisfactory for that attempt.  This is in accordance with Federation University Australia Statute 5.3

Achieving a satisfactory result

To successfully complete this assessment you must:

  • Provide a satisfactory response to ALL 15 questions
  • Responses must be legible and using correct industry terminology


Assessment due date

  • To be undertaken during the allocated class time, it would be expected to take approximately 2 hours to complete this assessment
  • The trainer/assessor must advise when the assessment is due

Assessment submission information

  • You must sign the declaration on the Assessment Coversheet attached to this document stating that the responses you have provided are your own work
  • Details for submission will be provided by the assessor and available on Moodle
  • Submit the completed assessment by the due date

Materials and resources required

Student to provideAssessor to provide
Internet – for access to MoodleAssessment task and instructions (student version) Access to Moodle Learner Resource book – Perform Basic Tests Appendix 1 – SOP:  Determination of Moisture Content of Dried Noodles Appendix 2 – SOP:  Care and Maintenance of the Analytical Balance Appendix 3 – SOP:  Use of Analytical Balance Appendix 4 – SOP:  Personal Protection Requirements – General Laboratory Appendix 5 – SOP:  Legal Responsibility and the Code of Ethics – General Laboratory  


Knowledge Questions

Student ID Student name 

Key: S = Satisfactory, NS = Not satisfactory

FedUni Laboratories Pty. Ltd. is a small laboratory and as the Laboratory Technician you will be required to carry out biological, chemical, and physical testing on a range of samples supplied by a client. You have received (3) dried noodle samples from a client to test for moisture content. All test methods are described in your workplace SOP’s.
Questions 1 to 9 relate to the scenario provided above.  The workplace SOP’s are attached (appendices 1-5).   You will need to read the SOP’s to answer the questions.
QuestionsS / NSComments
 Question: Refer to Appendix 1 – SOP:  Determination of Moisture Content of Dried Noodles and Appendix 4 – Personal Protection Requirements – General Laboratory and then answer the following two questions:   a)      List the PPE required to carry out the sampling and testing of the dried noodles. b)      Why is each item needed?☐ S    ☐ NS 
Answer: PPE Why is it needed?                
 Question: Refer to Appendix 5 – SOP: Legal Responsibility and the Code of Ethics – General Laboratory. Choose two (2) Codes of Ethics and two (2) Legislation and Enterprise Guideline responsibilities you would need to apply to the sampling and testing of the dried noodles and explain what you would have to do to meet these requirements.  Complete the table below☐ S    ☐ NS 
Answer:   Code of Ethics What is required?  i.e. what do you have to do to meet this requirement? 1.   2.     Legislation and Enterprise Guidelines What is required?  i.e. what do you have to do to meet this requirement? 1.   2.  
 Question: What is the purpose of the test to be performed for your client?Why is it important to test for this characteristic?☐ S    ☐ NS 
Answer: a)     b)            
 Question: Each sample to be tested must be given a specific identification code.  Explain why this is required  ☐ S    ☐ NS 
 Question: What is the sample preparation required for this test?☐ S    ☐ NS 
 Question: How is the analytical balance set up and checked before its daily use?  Identify (5) steps that must be undertaken prior to startingDescribe (2) safety checks to be undertaken  ☐ S    ☐ NS 
Answer: a)  Set up and pre-use checks   1.     2.     3.     4.     5.       b)  Safety checks   1.       2.    
QuestionsS / NSComments
 Question: You have undertaken the sampling to determine the mass and tabled the following results:  ☐ S    ☐ NS 
  Sample Mass of dish and lid ma Mass of dish, lid and sample  mb Mass of dish, lid and sample after drying mc 1 10.125g 160.232g 138.232 2 10.201g 158.214g 135.716 3 10.152g 164.131g 140.110   Calculate the moisture content percentage for each sample   Answer: Sample Moisture content % 1   2   3       If the specification requires the moisture content to be strictly between 13.00 and 16.00%, analyse the results and indicate if the samples are out of specification   Answer:      
QuestionsS / NSComments
 Question: When determining the moisture content of the samples why are the measures all estimates?  Identify at least (3) sources of error or uncertainty (i.e. what could affect the measurement accuracy) that affect your results and how you could control these  ☐ S    ☐ NS 
Answer:   a)         b) What might affect measurement results? Method of control    
QuestionsS / NSComments
 Question: A last minute sample arrived from the same client for analysis.  You completed the analysis and the following measurements were recorded (shown below)  ☐ S    ☐ NS
  Sample Mass of dish and lid ma Mass of dish, lid and sample  mb Mass of dish, lid and sample after drying mc 4 10.132g 161.123g 134.700g   Calculate the moisture content percentage for sample 4 Answer:     Apply the same specification, analyse the results and indicate if the sample is out of specification.  If the answer is yes, what advice would the ramifications of a high or low moisture would you be giving to the client in regard to this sample?   Answer:        
Questions 10 to 15 are general knowledge questions.  You may refer to the Learner Resource – Perform Basic Tests
 Question: In testing we must use the correct significant figures to accurately report a measurement. How many significant figures does the following measurement contain?    Measurement:  3 mm☐ S    ☐ NS
Circle the correct response 123Infinite
QuestionsS / NSComments
 Question: How many significant figures does the following measurement contain?   0.0023°C☐ S    ☐ NS
 Circle the correct response 234Infinite  
 Question: Explain the difference between precision and accuracy☐ S    ☐ NS
 Answer:   Precision:         Accuracy:          
 Question: A chemist who frequently carries out a complex experiment is likely to have high what?  ☐ S    ☐ NS
Answer: (a)    Accuracy, but low precision (b)    Accuracy (c)    Precision (d)    Precision, but low accuracy
 Question: The internal temperature of 10 food samples is required to be 75°C.  The temperature is taken using a calibrated thermometer and consistently records 75°C.   Which of the following represents the temperature of the food samples?☐ S    ☐ NS
Answer: AccuratePreciseBoth accurate and preciseNeither accurate nor precise  
 Question: The accepted value is 15.63.  Which correctly describes this student’s experimental data? Trial 1:  12.84           Trial 2:  13.02        Trial 3:  12.96  ☐ S    ☐ NS
Answer:  Circle the correct response   Accurate but not precisePrecise but not accurateBoth accurate and preciseNeither accurate nor precise  


Controlled Document MTH 99 Version 1 26/09/2020   SOP:  Determination of Moisture Content of Dried Noodles     Background for testing Pasta dough is rolled out, cut into strips and passed through a drier to achieve a moisture level of approximately 13-15%.  These dried noodles are now shelf stable and are able to have a longer shelf life than fresh pasta.  If the moisture levels are too high, the pasta may be subject to mould contamination and the shelf life date will not be achieved.  If the moisture levels are too low, the noodles will be too dry and become brittle and prone to breakages, and the customer will not be satisfied.   All masses are to be recorded to 0.1 g using the laboratory’s top loading balance.   Record the temperature of the oven at the start and end of the drying period, to the nearest 1°C.   The moisture dish should always be weighed with its lid (close fitting type).   Standard laboratory PPE should be worn during this test procedure.   This SOP is based on the test conditions and equipment requirements specified in: AS 1289.2.1.1 – 1992.     Method Prepare a representative sub-sample of 140 to 160 g of the original sample.  Grind the sample with a mortar and pestle until the sample can be passed through a size 6 sieveDetermine the mass of a clean, dry aluminium moisture dish and lid (ma) Place the ground sub-sample in the dish and determine the mass (mb)Place the open dish in the laboratory oven and dry at 105°C to 110°C for 24 hoursRemove the dish from the oven and fit its lid using heat-resistant glovesDetermine the mass of the dish (mc) while still warm to touch.     Calculations The moisture content (M) is calculated as a percentage of the sub-sample using the following equation:   Express results to the nearest 0.1%. Page 1 of 1


Controlled Document MTH 65 Version 4 1/09/2020   SOP:  Care and Maintenance of the Analytical Balance General The Metcalfe Digital Analytical Balance has a service contract and is serviced regularly by Metcalfe Servicing Division.  For malfunctions and servicing beyond the calibration and routine care items listed below, call Metcalfe Servicing Division on 9555-8888 and quote Service Contract number BB5632/XWhen the balance is unserviceable, attach a ‘Balance Unserviceable’ tag to the front of the weighing cabinet and disconnect the power lead.  Annotate the Equipment Log accordingly and advise the Senior Technician.   Safety Checks – Daily Check that electrical connections are fully coupled, that cords are not frayed and that there is no liquid on or about the balance.Under NO circumstances is any staff member of FedUni Lab permitted to open the sealed electronic unit of the balance or attempt any procedures not listed belowUnidentified spilt chemicals should be removed with extreme caution whilst wearing standard FedUni Lab PPE.  For details of cleaning, see the cleaning section below   Set-up and Pre-use Checks – Daily Ensure that the Instrument Room and the balance doors are closed to minimise draughts.Check the level, and if necessary, level the balance using the leg ferrule adjusters and the in-built spirit level.Turn the balance on at the wall and press the Start button.Allow five minutes for the electronics to warm up.Press the Zero button and ensure that the balance reads 0.0000 +/- 0.0003 g.  Press the Zero button once more to place the balance into Standby mode.  An orange Standby light will now glow Calibration Checks – Bi-annually Press zero button and check that digital readout reads 0.0000 +/- 0.0003 g within 4 seconds. Repeat once if digital readout fails to display 0.0000 g within 4 secondsPress the calibration button.  The balance will run through a calibration and zeroing check procedure and signal ‘Cal OK’ in the digital readout.  If Cal OK does not appear within one minute, repeat the procedure once Page 1 of 2 Check the Accuracy of the balance by carefully weighing check weights, which are located in the marked box in the drawer adjacent to the analytical balance.  Always use the forceps provided to handle the calibration weights.  Do NOT handle weights with fingers.  Use weights 1.0 g and 0.01 g.  Acceptable ranges for each of the weights are: 1.0 g: 0.9980 – 1.0020 g 0.01 g: 0.0090 – 0.0110 g Always weigh the 1.0 g weight FIRST Check the Precision of the balance by weighing the 1.0 g weight consecutively ten times. Calculate the standard deviation (SD).  Acceptable SD is up to 0.02If the balance fails any of the four checks above, contact the Metcalfe Servicing DivisionReturn the balance to Standby mode   Cleaning – Daily or as required: Carefully remove the balance pan, clean and replace itMop up any spilt liquids and brush any spilt chemicals from the weighing chamber.  Clean the glass doors (inside and out), using a soft cloth and 80% v/v ethanolRemove dust from the exterior of the cabinet and clean up any spilt chemicals from the balance bench area   Records Details of all routine maintenance, malfunctions and repairs shall be kept in the Equipment Log   Page 2 of 2


Controlled Document MTH 64 Version 6 1/09/2020   SOP:  Use of Analytical Balance General The Metcalfe Digital Analytical Balance shall only be used by trained operatorsThe balance shall only be used for weighing masses to a maximum of 100 g   Start-up: Unidentified spilt chemicals should be removed with extreme caution whilst wearing standard FedUni Lab PPE (for details of cleaning, see the cleaning section below)Ensure that the Instrument Room and the balance doors are closed, to minimise draughtsCheck that the balance is level using the in-built spirit level and adjustable leg ferrulesTurn on the power switch at the wall and press the Start button – allow five minutes for the balance to warm upPress the Zero button and ensure that the digital readout reads 0.0000 g before proceeding. Press the Zero button again to return the balance to Standby modeReport any malfunctions to the Senior Technician.   Weighing Close the door to the Instrument RoomOpen the sliding balance door and place a weighing boat on the balance panPress the Zero button – machine will come out of standby mode (orange light will go off) and readout should read 0.0000 g with some minor fluctuations of the last decimal place.  This process is called ‘taring‘ and some balances call the Zero button the ‘Tare‘ button.  Taring is a process whereby the balance reading reverts to zero and then the balance weighs the addition of materials after that point.  It is often used to remove the mass of a weighing boat and return the balance readout to zero before addition of the chemical to the boat (to make weighing easier), or where sequential additions of different amounts of materials are added to the same weighing boat or container.  The balance may be tared at any time when the reading is NOT 0.0000 g by simply pressing the Zero buttonCarefully add the chemical or sample until the desired mass has been weighedCarefully remove the weighing boat and press Zero button again to put machine in Standby modeSpilt chemicals should be removed with extreme caution whilst wearing standard SimuLab PPE.  For instructions, refer to cleaning section below Page 1 of 2 Cleaning: Remove any spilt material from the weighing pan or the cabinet using the soft brush and cloth providedClose the balance door and close the Instrument Room door on the way out.   Report Report any malfunctions, fluctuating readings or toxic spills to the Senior Technician   Troubleshooting Common problems arising from the use of highly accurate analytical balances include: Fluctuations in readings due to open Instrument Room door, open balance door, incorrect levelling or rough useNot cleaning the balance panNot using a weighing boatNot ‘taring’ the weighing boatNot allowing enough time for the machine electronics to warm upTrying to weigh while the balance is in Standby mode.   Page 2 of 2


Controlled Document OHS 14 Version 3 12/10/2020   SOP:  Personal Protection Requirements – General Laboratory   Safety glasses fitted with side shields are provided for use in laboratories.  Those who wear prescription glasses will be provided with a pair of prescription safety glasses by SimuLab.  It is recommended that face-shields are used for hot or corrosive liquids or when carrying out reactions under a vacuum.Safety glasses and laboratory coats must be worn at all times in all laboratories.  They need not be worn in instrument rooms or offices.All experiments involving any danger of explosion or implosion must be set up in a fume hood behind a safety shield. Safety shields can be obtained from the Laboratory Supervisor.Substantial footwear, such as covered shoes, must be worn in the laboratories at all times. Sandals worn with woollen socks, thongs or bare feet are not an acceptable alternative.Staff who wear their hair long must tie their hair back or wear a hair net.Nitrile gloves should be worn whenever handling hazardous chemicals.  They are the recommended material for almost all chemicals however, they cannot withstand immersion in some chlorinated solvents.Heat proof gloves must be worn when placing items in and out of the oven to prevent burns.   Page 1 of 1


Controlled Document Legal 11 Version 1 12/10/2020   SOP:  Legal Responsibility and the Code of Ethics – General Laboratory   Code of ethics Be responsible for following procedures from the acquisition of the specimen to the production of data and the final report of the test resultBe accountable for the quality and integrity of servicesMaintain strict confidentiality of client information and results of laboratory analysisUphold and maintain the dignity and respect of the profession and maintain a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability     Legislation and enterprise guidelines   Adhere to the policies, laws and legislations which apply to the workplace, as long as they do not conflict with the professional ethical guidelines including:   Accurate and legible recording of results   OHS Legislation   Food safety standards if testing food substances   Following enterprise documents including the quality manual, SOPs, equipment manuals, SDS, safety procedures, calibration and maintenance schedules   Page 1 of 1
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"MSL973013 Perform basic tests." Universal Assignment - October 2, 2022,
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Universal Assignment - MSL973013 Perform basic tests. [Internet]. [Accessed October 2, 2022]. Available from:
"MSL973013 Perform basic tests." Universal Assignment - Accessed October 2, 2022.
"MSL973013 Perform basic tests." Universal Assignment [Online]. Available: [Accessed: October 2, 2022]

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KIT714 ICT Research Principles: Assignment 1

Practical Qualitative Research Exercise                                                                                                                                         Type:                 In-Semester, Individual Assignment Task Length:   minimum 2,000 words Weighting:     20% of total assessment for this unit Due Date:       Friday 5 August 2022 – 11:55 pm (Week05) Submission:    electronic submission on MyLO (WORD or PDF) Description:    This practical exercise will engage students in a qualitative research

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