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  1. Write your answers clearly. Use numbered headings or subheadings to show which part of your answer refers to which question. Example: Part A – Question 2.
  • Write your answers from page 10 of this document. Please do not modify this document’s content from page 1 to 9.

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PART A                                                                                              10 MARKS


Answer ALL questions from this part.

Each question is worth 2.0 marks (5 x 2 = 10 marks).

Briefly comment on the following statements from Java language point of view. For each question, limit your answers to three to four sentences only.

Question 1                                                                                                              2 Marks

Differentiate Instance variables from static variables.

Question 2                                                                                                              2 Marks

Java Interface can have instance fields and default method implementations.


Question 3                                                                                                              2 Marks

In Java, a sub class can implement only one interface and can be extended from multiple superclasses.

Question 4                                                                                                              2 Marks

How can you remove two adjacent elements from the collection that an Iterator is referring to?

Question 5                                                                                                              2 Marks

Java abstract class can contain implemented and abstract methods.


PART B                                                                                             35 MARKS

Answer all questions from this part.

Question 1                                                                                             3 Marks

The following class Loan has incomplete codes. Complete the missing lines of code for the given parameterized constructor, isToMonitor() method, and an overridden toString() method.


If the loan amount exceeds $500,000 then isToMonitor() method has to return true; otherwise it should return false.


toString() method should display the Loan details and based on isToMonitor() method’s return value whether the Loan needs monitoring or not.

import java.time.*; public class Loan


private double loanAmount; private LocalDate startDate;

private double interestRate;

private static final double LIMIT = 500000.0;

/**@param givenLoanAmount the loan amount

  • @param year the year of startDate
  • @param month the month of startDate
  • @param day the day of startDate


public Loan ( double givenLoanAmount, int year, int month, int day, double givenInterestRate)


//Missing lines of code need to be completed by the student


/* If the loan amount exceeds $500,000 then isToMonitor()

method has to return true; otherwise it should return false.*/

public boolean isToMonitor()


//Missing lines of code need to be completed by the student


/* toString() method should display the Loan details and based on isToMonitor() method’s return value whether the Loan needs monitoring or not. */


public String toString()


//Missing lines of code need to be completed by the student


}//end class definition

Question 2            3 Marks

How can you create a unique LoanId for each object of Loan (as mentioned in the above Question 1)? Modify the Loan class given in the above Question 1, and create new class named ModifiedLoan, so that each object of ModifiedLoan will have a unique LoanId.

Question 3            3 Marks

Write a driver class to test the ModifiedLoan class that you have created in Question-2).  The driver should do the following:

  1. create two ModifiedLoan objects; one with the loan amount less than $500000 and the other with the loan amount more than $500000.
  2. print the details of the ModifiedLoan objects on the screen.
Question 4                                                                                                              3 Marks

The following UML class diagram shows that GSTItem class is a subclass of Expense class.

The following table provides the characteristics of the fields that are used in the above two classes.

Field nameClassAccess specifierData type

You need to write (define) the above mentioned two Java classes. Your classes should have appropriate fields/variables, constructors and overridden toString() methods.

Question 5                                                                                                              3 Marks

Write (define) an interface called as GSTApplicable. The GSTApplicable interface should have a constant and a method declared with the specification as mentioned in the following table:

Field/method nameDescription
percentageOfGSTA constant with the value of 10
calculateGSTA public method that receives no parameters and returns a double


Question 6                                                                                                              3 Marks

Modify the GSTItem class you have created as part of Question 4 to implement the interface GSTApplicable that you have created as part of Question 5.  The modified class should have the name “ModifiedGSTItem” and should include implementation of all the methods declared in the interface GSTApplicable.


Question 7                                                                                                              3 Marks

The following Java program uses the data structure Stack to store data and the program runs without any error. Write the output produced by the program run.

import java.util.Stack; public class StackTest


public static void main(String [] args)


// name of structures in an array

String [] buildingPlan = {“Foundation”, “Wall”,”Roof”, “Antenna”};

/*creating buildingStack and taking the contents from buildingPlan array and placing them into the buildingStack*/

Stack<String> buildingStack =new Stack<String>();

for(int i=0; i< buildingPlan.length; i++) buildingStack.push(buildingPlan [i]);

/* creating demolitionStack, taking some of the contents from the buildingStack, one by one, and place them in demolitionStack */

Stack <String> demolitionStack =new Stack <String>(); while(buildingStack.size()>1)


//printing the name of structures System.out.print(“buildingStack contains “); while(buildingStack.size()>0)


System.out.println(“demolitionStack contains “);



} // end of main method

} // end of class

Question 8                                                                                           6 Marks

The following InsuranceClaim class is incomplete. You need to complete the missing lines of code in

  • toString() method
    • inner class – Approval
    • main method

The expected output is as follows:

Claim Amount: 4500.00 for Claim Id: 1001 has not been approved

Claim Amount: 4500.00 for Claim Id: 1002 has been approved


An insurance claim is approved only when the claim amount is not exceeding the insured amount.

public class InsuranceClaim {

    private double insuredAmount;

    private double claimAmount;

    private int claimId;

    boolean approved; // for approve or reject the claim by desk verification


    public InsuranceClaim(double insuredAmount, double claimAmount, int claimId) {

        this.insuredAmount = insuredAmount;

        this.claimAmount = claimAmount;

        this.claimId = claimId;

        new Approval().deskVerify();



    public String toString() {

        // Student needs to complete the missing lines of code


    class Approval {

/*Complete the deskVerify() method given below. If the claim amount does not exceed the insured amount, it can be approved; otherwise, it is not approved.  To change the instance variable ‘approved’ accordingly.


        void deskVerify(){

// Student needs to complete the missing lines of code



     public static void main (String [] args) {

/*Student needs to complete the missing lines of code

write code to create an InsuranceClaim object with parameters such that the output

 “Claim Amount: 4500.00 for Claim Id: 1001 has not been approved” is produced.



          InsuranceClaim myCalim = new



/* Student needs to complete the missing lines of code

write code to create an InsuranceClaim object with parameters such that the output

“Claim Amount: 4500.00 for Claim Id: 1002 has been approved” is produced.



          InsuranceClaim yourCalim = new






Question 9                                                                                                                4 Marks

The ShapeTest class contains incomplete code in the main method. You need to complete the missing lines of code to test the polymorphic behaviour by calling the calculateArea() method appropriately.

// an interface interface Shape {

public double calculateArea();


//Rectangle class

class Rectangle implements Shape {

// fields/variables double length; double width;


public Rectangle(double length, double width) { setLength(length);



//getters and setters

public double getLength() { return length;


public void setLength(double length) { if(length > 0)

this.length = length;


public double getWidth() { return width;


public void setWidth(double width) { if(width > 0)

this.width = width;


// returning the area of rectangle public double calculateArea(){

return length * width;


}// end of Rectangle class

//Circle class

class Circle implements Shape {

// fields/variables double radius;


public Circle(double radius) { setRadius(radius);


//getters and setters

public double getRadius() { return radius;


public void setRadius(double radius) {

if(radius > 0) this.radius = radius;


this.radius = 0.0;


// returning area of circle public double calculateArea()


return Math.PI * radius * radius;



// to test the objects of Rectangle and Circle public class ShapeTest {

public static void main(String [] args){ Shape [ ] diagrams = new Shape [2];

/* Store the references to one rectangle and one circle shape objects in the above-mentioned ‘diagrams’ array.

Loop through the ‘diagrams’ array and invoke the calculateArea() method of the two shape objects stored in the array to test the polymorphic behavior.


//Missing lines of code need to be completed by the student



Question 10                                                                                         4 Marks

Write short notes on the following. Your answer should have maximum three sentences for each of the following:

  • Generic method
  • Generic class
  • raw type and upper bound

— End of Exam Questions —

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