School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022

School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022

Assignment 2

Due: 20 May 2022 16:00 AEST

Revision: 1.0.0


The goal of this assignment is to implement and test a set of classes and interfaces1, extending on the classes implemented in the first assignment.

Languagerequirements: Java version 11, JUnit 4.12.


All work on this assignment is to be your own individual work. As detailed in Lecture 1, code supplied by course staff (from this semester) is acceptable, but there are no other exceptions. You are expected to be familiar with “What not to do” from Lecture 1 and https://www.itee.uq. If you have questions about what is acceptable, please ask course staff.

Please carefully read the Appendix A document. It outlines critical mistakes which you must avoid in order to avoid losing marks. This is being heavily emphasised here because these are critical mistakes which must be avoided. If at any point you are even slightly unsure, please check as soon as possible with course staff!

All times are given in AustralianEasternStandardTime. It is your responsibility to ensure that you adhere to this timezone for all assignment related matters. Please bear this in mind, especially if you are enrolled in the External offering and may be located in a different time zone.


In this assignment, you will continue developing a simple simulation of an interactive scenario system, building on the core model of the system you implemented in assignment one.

In assignment two, entities will now be able to move around the scenario if they implement the Movable interface. Entities (such as Fauna) will move around the scenario according the a set algorithm given to you in a new class AnimalController .

The Coordinate class has had some additional helper methods added to facilitate the movement of entities.

The user or player in the simulation also must be implemented. A user is special in that it can collect other entities. The Colletable interface allows classes to specify behaviour that occurs on collection by the User.

1From now on, classes and interfaces will be shortened to simply “classes”

The keep track of these interactions a new Event subclass has been added (the CollectEvent). This class maintains a record of what a user has collected over time.

The Logger class provides a way to monitor various events in the scenario’s simulation. The Logger is similar to a database of all Event’s that occur within the simulation. On this ”database” certain calculations can be done to provide statistics such as how many entities have been collected or how many tiles have entities moved.

To facilitate saving and loading the state of the simulation to and from a file, the Encodable in- terface has been introduced. Any class implementing this interface must implement the encode() method, which encodes the current state of the class to a machine-readable string. To faciliate the loading of a scenario from a file the Scenario class has a load() method implementation to construct a scenario.

Many classes now override the default equals() and hashCode() method implementations inher- ited from Object, allowing instances to be checked for equality according to their internal state.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) using JavaFX has been provided in the researchsim.display package. Note that the GUI will not work correctly until the other parts of the assignment it relies on have been implemented. The GUI consists of three classes: View is responsible for creating the visual elements displayed on screen, ScenarioCanvas handles the graphics and drawing of the scenario in the main canvas, while ViewModel manages interaction between the View and the core classes of the model (e.g. Scenario). The Launcher class in the researchsim package initialises the GUI and passes the save file to the ViewModel.

While most of the GUI code has been provided to you, several methods must be implemented to complete the GUI. These are the methods marked with “Implement this for assignment 2” in ViewModel – you do not (and should not) need to modify any code in View or ScenarioCanvas.

Some examples have been provided of the save files used by the GUI to load the saved sce- nario simulation. The files saves/default.txt represents the simplest possible save file and saves/test3.txt represents a full scenario with all possible entities.

Supplied Material

This task sheet.

Code specification document (Javadoc).2

Gradescope, a website where you will submit your assignment.3

A starting template for your assignment code, available for download on Blackboard. The files in this template provide a minimal framework for you to work from, and build upon. These files have been provided so that you can avoid (some of) the critical mistakes described in Appendix A. Each of these files:

  • is in the correct directory (do not change this!)
  • has the correct package declaration at the top of the file (do not change this!)
  • has the correct public class or public interface declaration. Note that you may still need to make classes abstract, extend classes, implement interfaces etc., as detailed in the Javadoc specification.

As the first step in the assignment (after reading through the specifications) you should download the template code from Blackboard. Once you have created a new project from the files you have downloaded, you should start implementing the specification.

2Detailed in the Javadoc section

3Detailed in the Submission section


Code specifications are an important tool for developing code in collaboration with other peo- ple. Although assignments in this course are individual, they still aim to prepare you for writing code to a strict specification by providing a specification document (in Java, this is called Javadoc).

You will need to implement the specification precisely as it is described in the specification docu- ment.

The Javadoc can be viewed in either of the two following ways:

  1. Open in your web browser. Note that this will only be the most recent version of the Javadoc.
  2. Navigate to the relevant assignment folder under Assessment on Blackboard and you will be able to download the Javadoc .zip file containing HTML documentation. Unzip the bundle somewhere, and open doc/index.html with your web browser.


  1. Fully implement each of the classes and interfaces described in the Javadoc.
  2. Write JUnit 4 tests for all the methods in the following classes:


(in a class called CoordinateTest) Partially implemented in Assignment 1

User (in a class called UserTest)

To facilitate in the creation of Scenario’s in your tests a few utility methods (createSafeTestScenario()) have been implemented for your use.


The 100 marks available for the assignment will be divided as follows:

FT45ElectronicallyFunctionality according to the specification
CF5ElectronicallyConformance to the specification
SL10ElectronicallyCode style: Structure and layout
CR20By course staffCode style: Design review
JU20ElectronicallyWhether JUnit tests identify and distinguish be- tween correct and incorrect implementations

The overall assignment mark will be A2 = FT+ CF+ SL+ CR+ JUwith the following adjustments:

  1. If FT is 0, then the manual code style review will not be marked. CR will be automatically 0.
  2. If SL is 0, then the manual code style review will not be marked. CR will be automatically 0.
  3. If SL+ CR>FT, then SL+ CRwill be capped at a maximum of FT.

For example: FT= 22,CF= 5,SL= 7,CR= 18,J= 13

A2 = 22 + 5 + (7 + 18) + 13.

A2 = 22 + 5 + (25) + 13. Limitation will now be applied.

A2 = 22 + 5 + (22) + 13.

The reasoning here is to place emphasis on good quality functional code.

Well styled code that does not implement the required functionality is of no value in a project, consequently marks will not be given to well styled code that is not functional.

Functionality Marking

The number of functionality marks given will be

· Unit Tests passed

FT= 45

Total number of Unit Tests


Conformance is marked starting with a mark of 5.

Every single occurrence of a conformance violation in your solution then results in a 1 mark de- duction, down to a minimum of 0. Note that multiple conformance violations of the same type will each result in a 1 mark deduction.

Conformance violations include (but are not limited to):

Placing files in incorrect directories.

Incorrect package declarations at the top of files.

Using modifiers on classes, methods and member variables that are different to those specified in the Javadoc. Modifiers include private, protected, public, abstract, final, and static. For example, declaring a method as public when it should be private.

Adding extra public methods, constructors, member variables or classes that are not de- scribed in the Javadoc.

Incorrect parameters and exceptions declared as thrown for constructors.

Incorrect parameters, return type and exceptions declared as thrown for methods.

Incorrect types of public fields.

Code Style

Code Structure and Layout

The Code Structure and Layout category is marked starting with a mark of 10.

Every single occurrence of a style violation in your solution, as detected by Checkstyle using the course-provided configuration4, results in a 0.5 mark deduction, down to a minimum of 0. Note that multiple style violations of the same type will each result in a 0.5 mark deduction.

→ Note: There is a plugin available for IntelliJ which will highlight style violations in your code. Instructions for installing this plugin are available in the Java Programming Style Guide on Black- board (Learning Resources Guides). If you correctly use the plugin and follow the style require- ments, it should be relatively straightforward to get high marks for this section.

4The latest version of the course Checkstyle configuration can be found at checkstyle.xml. See the Style Guide for instructions.

Code Review

Your assignment will be style marked with respect to the course style guide, located under Learn- ing Resources → Guides. The marks are broadly divided as follows:

MetricMarks Allocated
Code Design5


Note that the plugin available for IntelliJ mentioned in the Code Structure and Layout section cannot tell you whether your code violates style guidelines for this section. You will need to man- ually check your code against the style guide.

The Code Review is marked starting with a mark of 20. Penalities are then applied where appli- cable, to a minimum of 0.

MetricHow it is marked
NamingMisnamed variables e.g. → Non-meaningful or one-letter names String temp; // bad naming char a; // bad naming int myVar, var, myVariable; // all bad naming → Variable names using Hungarian notation int roomInteger; // bad naming List<Gate> shipList; // bad naming (‘ships’ is better)
CommentingJavadoc comments lacking sufficient detail e.g. → Insufficient detail or non-meaningful Javadoc comments on classes, methods, constructors or class variables, etc. Lack of inline comments, or comments not meaningful e.g. → There needs to be sufficient comments which explain your code so that someone else can readily understand what is going. Someone should not need to guess or make assumptions. → Lack of inline comments, or comments not meaningful in methods, construc- tors, variables, etc.
ReadabilityReadability issues e.g. → Class content is laid out in a way which is not straightforward to follow → Methods are laid out in Classes or Interfaces in a way which is not straight- forward to follow → Method content is laid out in a way which is not straightforward to follow → Variables are not placed in logical locations → etc.
Code DesignCode design issues e.g. → Using class member variables where local variables could be used → Duplicating sections of code instead of extracting into a private helper method → Using magic numbers without explanatory comments object.someMethod(50); // what does 50 mean? What is the unit/metric?

JUnit Test Marking

See Appendix B for more details.

The JUnit tests that you provide in CoordinateTest and UserTest will be used to test both cor- rect andincorrect implementations of the Coordinate and User classes. Marks will be awarded for test sets which distinguish between correct and incorrect implementations5. A test class which passes every implementation (or fails every implementation) will likely get a low mark. Marks will be rewarded for tests which pass or fail correctly.

There will be some limitations on your tests:

  1. If your tests take more than 10 minutes to run, or
  2. If your tests consume more memory than is reasonable or are otherwise malicious,

then your tests will be stopped and a mark of zero given. These limits are very generous (e.g. your tests should not take anywhere near 10 minutes to run).

5And get them the right way around

Electronic Marking

The electronic aspects of the marking will be carried out in a Linux environment. The environment will not be running Windows, and neither IntelliJ nor Eclipse (or any other IDE) will be involved. OpenJDK 11 will be used to compile and execute your code and tests.

It is critical that your code compiles.

If your submission does not compile, youwillreceivezerofor Functionality (FT).


How/Where to Submit

Submission is via Gradescope.

→ Instructions for submitting to Gradescope will be made available on Blackboard (under Assessment Assignment 2) within one to two weeks after the assignment specification has been released.

You will not be able to submit your assignment before then.

You must ensure that you have submitted your code to Gradescope beforethe submission deadline. Code that is submitted after the deadline will notbe marked (1 nanosecond late is still late).

You may submit your assignment to Gradescope as many times as you wish before the due date, however only your last submission made before the due date will be marked.

What to Submit

Your submission should have the following internal structure:

src/ folders (packages) and .java files for classes described in the Javadoc

test/ folders (packages) and .java files for the JUnit test classes A complete submission would look like:


src/researchsim/display/ src/researchsim/display/ src/researchsim/display/

src/researchsim/entities/ src/researchsim/entities/ src/researchsim/entities/ src/researchsim/entities/ src/researchsim/entities/

src/researchsim/logging/ src/researchsim/logging/ src/researchsim/logging/ src/researchsim/logging/

src/researchsim/map/ src/researchsim/map/ src/researchsim/map/

src/researchsim/scenario/ src/researchsim/scenario/ src/researchsim/scenario/

src/researchsim/util/ src/researchsim/util/ src/researchsim/util/ src/researchsim/util/ src/researchsim/util/ src/researchsim/util/

test/researchsim/map/ (must be test directory, not src!) test/researchsim/entities/ (must be test directory, not src!)

Ensure that your classes and interfaces correctly declare the package they are within. For example, should declare package researchsim.entities.

Donotsubmit any other files (e.g. no .class files).

Note that CoordinateTest and UserTest will be compiled individually against a sample solution without the rest of your test files.

Provided set of unit tests

A small number of the unit tests (about 10-20%) used for assessing Functionality (FT) (not con- formance, style, or JUnit tests) will be provided in Gradescope prior to the submission deadline, which you will be able to test your submission against. In addition, a small number of the JUnit faulty solutions used for assessing JUnit will be provided in Gradescope prior to the submission deadline.

The purpose of this is to provide you with an opportunity to receive feedback on whether the basic functionality of your classes and tests is correct or not. Passing all the provided unit tests does notguarantee that you will pass all of the full set of unit tests used for functionality marking.

→ Instructions about the provided set of unit tests will be made available on Blackboard (under Assessment Assignment 2) one or two weeks after the assignment specification has been released. Instructions will not be provided before then. This will still give you over two weeks to submit and check your work before the assignment is due.

Late Submission

Assignments submitted after the submission deadline of 16:00 on 20 May 2022 (by any amount of time), will receive a mark of zero unless an extension is granted as outlined in the Electronic Course Profile — see the Electronic Course Profile for details.

Do not wait until the last minute to submit the final version of your assignment. A submission that starts before 16:00 but finishes after 16:00 will not be marked. Exceptions cannot be made for individual students, as this would not be fair to all other students.

Assignment Extensions

All requests for extensions must be made via my.UQ as outlined in section 5.3 of the respective Electronic Course Profile. Please not directly email the course coordinator seeking an extension (you will be redirected to my.UQ).

Remark Requests

To submit a remark of this assignment please follow the information presented here: querying-result.


If it becomes necessary to correct or clarify the task sheet or Javadoc, a new version will be issued and an announcement will be made on the Blackboard course site.

Appendix A: Critical Mistakes which can cause loss in marks. Things you need to avoid!

This is being heavily emphasised here because these are critical mistakes which must be avoided.

The way assignments are marked has been heavily revised this semester to address many of these issues where possible, but there are still issues which can only be avoided by making sure the specification is followed correctly.

Code may run fine locally on your own computer in IntelliJ, but it is required that it also builds and runs correctly when it is marked with the electronic marking tool in Gradescope. Your solution needs to conform to the specification for this to occur.

Correctly reading specification requirements is a key objective for the course.

Files must be in the exact correct directories specified by the Javadoc. If files are in incorrect directories (even slightly wrong), you may lose marks for functionality in these files because the implementation does not conform to the specification.

Files must have the exact correct package declaration at the top of the file. If files have incorrect package declarations (even slightly wrong), you may lose marks for functionality in these files because the implementation does not conform to the specification.

You must implement the public and protected members exactly as described in the supplied documentation (no extra public/protected members or classes ). Creating public or protected data members in a class when it is not required will result in loss of marks, because the implementation does not conform to the specification.

– Private members may be added at your own discretion.

Never import the org.junit.jupiter.api package. This is from JUnit 5. This will auto- matically cause the marks for the JUnit section to be 0 because JUnit 5 functionality is not supported.

Do NOT use any version of Java newer than 11 when writing your solution! If you accidentally use Java features which are only present in a version newer than 11, then your submission may fail to compile when marked. This will automatically cause the marks for associated files with this functionality to be 0.

Appendix B: How your JUnit unit tests are marked.

The JUnit tests you write for a class (e.g. are evaluated by checking whether they can distinguish between a correct implementation of the respective class (e.g. (made by the teaching staff), and incorrect implementations of the respective class (delib- erately made by the teaching staff).

First, we run your unit tests (e.g. against the correct implementation of the respec- tive classes (e.g.

We look at how many unit tests you have, and how many have passed. Let us imagine that you have 7 unit tests in and 4 unit tests in, and they all pass (i.e. none result in in JUnit4).

We will then run your unit tests in both classes (, against an incorrect implementation of the respective class (e.g. For example, the canMove() method in the file is incorrect.

We then look at how many of your unit tests pass. should still pass 4 unit tests. However, we would expect that would pass fewerthan7 unit tests.

If this is the case, we know that your unit tests can identify that there is a problem with this specific implementation of

This would get you one identified faulty implementation towards your JUnit mark.

The total marks you receive for JUnit are the correct number of identified faulty implementations, out of the total number of faulty implementations which the teaching staff create.

For example, if your unit tests identified 60% of the faulty implementations, you would receive a mark of 60% of 15 → 9/15.

Universal Assignment (October 3, 2022) School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022. Retrieved from
"School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022." Universal Assignment - October 3, 2022,
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Universal Assignment - School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022. [Internet]. [Accessed October 3, 2022]. Available from:
"School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022." Universal Assignment - Accessed October 3, 2022.
"School of ITEE CSSE2002/7023 — Semester 1, 2022." Universal Assignment [Online]. Available: [Accessed: October 3, 2022]

Please note along with our service, we will provide you with the following deliverables:

Please do not hesitate to put forward any queries regarding the service provision.

We look forward to having you on board with us.

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