[Solved] Applied Physical Rehabilitation OCCT2001

Applied Physical Rehabilitation

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  1. Remember to correctly format and reference according to the unit outline
  2. Stick to word LIMIT- please note that there is not 10% either way, it is a limit not a suggestion.  You may deduct 350 words from your limit due to the table headings and questions.  You must state your word count at the end of the assignment AND on this page (above).
  3. Websites are NOT to be used as references, except for Australian Government sites. You can use approved medical abbreviations that are noted in your case study.
  4. You may use this template if you wish, or use the headings provided in a word document


Section 1 and 2: Enter/ Initiate and Set the stage. From the information provided in your case study and further research, discuss the Person, Environment, Narrative and Occupational factors impacting your client (10marks)

Client Name:DAVISAge:55
Medical Diagnosis and reason for referralDemonstrate a terrible R foot ulcer.
Previous Medical History:A review of the patient’s history and previous investigations is required to establish a diagnosis. A wound infection appears likely based on his report given at 1130hrs regarding right foot stage 4 pressure area around the head of 1st metatarsal (plantar). He has completed a wound management plan and is receiving daily dressing changes. His bowel cancer is being treated with 5FU, radiotherapy, and surgery. The patient is non-diabetic but has been classified as obese with hypertension.
Social Situation:For the previous ten years, Justin managed a tiny neighbourhood grocery business. Although he likes his job, he just took a paid sick day owing to health concerns. Justin claims there is less time he can get and prefers his own company, which has made him feel more and more alone and confined to his home over the past five years. He spends most of his time napping or attending appointments. He made a remark about Ian, his best buddy going back to high school. They used to go for coffee and watch trivia at the neighbourhood bar, but this hasn’t happened in while. Prior to the last five years, Justin played golf frequently and was an active member of the golf club. However, he has become less involved in the game.
Occupation  Roles what roles does your client have? Use the case study information and your knowledge to describe 3 roles Activities which activities are meaningful? Use the case study information to describe activity for each of the 3 roles which are meaningful to your client Tasks what tasks and steps are likely to be completed as part of the desired activities?Role: Nurse Activity: Doing Nursing and helping people to improve their functions Task: Take care of the people and provide support to the patients improve the system.   Role: Physiotherapy Activity: Doing physiotherapy to maintain the proceed the work Task: Doing treatment and helping the people to improve the systematic affairs.   Role: House worker Activity: Clean and provide important clean the house to help a person Task: Through checking and observe every corner of the house which can help to complete the work easily
Person (barriers/constraints, enablers/capabilities) Environment  (barriers/constraints, enablers/capabilities)   Narrative (past/current/future)The wound management plan included daily dressing changes and a Mepilex dressing. Mr. Davies was receiving Perferpine, aspirin, and insulin daily. A pre-injury assessment had been completed stating that Mr. Davies was obese (160 kg), and had a history of distal pancreatic carcinoma and T2DM.   The person can’t do any work by himself only, along with that the situation of his living gets difficult which can make the situation constrained. there are not many people around him which can be a challenging part of the work, it can be said that living a normal life for him get challenging and systematic procedure can be affected and the systematic approach can’t be accepted as it requires to proceed the work properly (Saylan et al. 2019).   The narrative can be described and provide knowledge about the healthy condition of David who is going through troubles and a systematic approach can be described and formulated properly. The person faces problems some years ago which can impact the health of the person.    
Occupational performance and participation What is the current level of performance and participation for the various activities the person wishes to complete? Provide detailed reasoning and evidence for this section.Justin is currently a Full Hoist Transfer On Ward due to NWB Status in R) Foot 2nd to wound. The staff has setup assistance with eating in bed using a bed tray and grooming in bed. Nursing staff placing all items within reach (bowl hair brush, toothbrush, etc.). They are also set up with assistance for hoist transfer from bed to wheeled commode for bathing. Once set up, independent upper body (UB), Max assists with the lower body (LB). Significant SOB++. The patient has an NWB status in the right foot 2nd to wound; set up assistance is required with eating in bed using a bed tray, set up assistance with grooming in bed. Nursing staff placing all items within reach (bowl hair brush, toothbrush, etc). The nurse is trying to get the patient dressed for transfer to a wheeled commode for bathing. In addition to needing assistance with eating from a bed tray and grooming in bed, the patient has an NWB status in the right foot, which is second to the wound. A nurse setting everything at reach. In order to transport the patient to a wheeled toilet for bathing, the nurse is attempting to get them clothed. Major pain control is required for the patient (Olya & Nia, 2021). In order to bathe and then dress patients, the nursing staff will require assistance with hoist transfers from bed to commode. The patient needs significant pain management. Nursing staff will need assistance with hoist transfer from bed to commode for bathing and later dressing. Due to the NWB status in R) feet and third to wound, Justin is a full hoist transfer on the ward. He presently requires help utilizing a bed tray for eating, washing, and grooming. All goods within reach are being placed by the nursing staff (bowl, hair brush, toothbrush, etc.).

Section 3: Assess/Evaluate (5 marks)

Choose the most appropriate/priority assessment which will help you to develop your goals that could be completed with your client at this time. Provide detailed reasoning and evidence for your selection.The Patient will be moved from bed to HBC/Wheeled commode/MWC/Bed using a complete hoist (XL sling size) on the ward. Mobility: nurses and physiotherapists need to be provided at the begging to maintain the work process properly. As per Xie, Yang & Yang, (2018), MWC only on the ward with two staff members pushing Bed mobility: Slide sheets twice for suitable adjustment; otherwise, complete hoist Standing balance: Due to the status of NWB, not assessed Balanced sitting: No difficulties were seen SOEOB, in HBC, or in MWC. The patient is presently on bowel rest (with a colonoscopy scheduled), and occupational therapy and the surgical medical team will evaluate if a bariatric electric wheelchair may be used to improve access to the gym. The patient will transfer to the ward on January 7, 2019, even though he is now resting in a tilt-up bed. Staff will make sure that there are two more staff members present during transfers for safety reasons. Wheelchair ramp from the ward to the HBS/MWC/BED, with or without the restroom if necessary.

Section 4: Set Goals and objectives (5 marks)

Your client has completed a Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) with you. Using this information, and your knowledge of the occupational therapy process, list one long-term and two short-term goals for your client.The goals need to be to provide care treatment and psychological support to improve the factors of the work. It needs to be described that factors of the treatment to provide help to the patient to improve the systematic approach.   The community workers need to provide support and care to the patient for 3 months. This can help the person to maintain health in the future. According to Bi et al. (2019), proper health is directly related to the support provided by community workers and so it is important that a hospital has a good work process or system in place. The work process or system of a hospital can provide support for its community worker who is also affected by mental health issues, which do not only depend on the patients. Community workers work with people who have trouble with life and health support in their homes. Community health workers need to learn about the disease and take care of a patient for a certain amount of time to recover and maintain their health. Elderly persons who require extra assistance and care in their everyday lives might live in assisted housing. Opportunities can be given to them by community workers (Abadi et al. 2018). And because of this chance to keep the individual health, community workers can be utilized to treat them as part of the hospital’s job process.   Then, the mental counselling session needs to be addressed and counselling can be helped by a psychologist to proceed with the work in an effective way as it requires. It can be said professional psychology specialists can provide support to make the systematic approach of the work and systematic procedure can be taken into place to proceed with the systematic approach of life to cure health.    

Section 5 and 6: Implement the plan/monitor and modify (10 marks)

Use your knowledge of the client’s occupational performance issues and the goals outlined in section four to develop an intervention session that could be reasonably completed in one hour. Summarise recent (published between 2010 and 2021 only) evidence that supports the selected occupation-focused interventions. Provide information about how you would monitor and modify your session based on your client’s participation.It knows from experience as an occupational therapist how difficult it is for patients to stick to their prescription schedule. Patients may require assistance with a wide range of duties, and OTs provide critical support to the medical and nursing teams by assessing, helping, and training in a number of areas, including removing and re-adding containers consuming the recommended amount Taking the medicine as directed Having a clear understanding of the conditions that the medicine is intended to cure Understanding when to disclose issues or negative impacts. Patients often need assistance in a myriad of tasks and OTs play a key supportive role to the physician and nursing staff by assessing, assisting, and instructing in a variety of areas. The average patient taking 5 or more medications in the last 30 days, whereas 39% of adults over 55 take 5 or more medications. The patient can be improved his health through medication and proper surgery, it can be understood and provide enough support which can make the significant working approach. It can be said proper systemic approach; the treatment method can help to take the initiative to progress the work in a formulated manner. As an occupational therapist, It has witnessed personally how difficult it is for patients to stick to their prescription schedule. Patients may require assistance with a range of tasks, and occupational therapists (OTs) provide critical support to the medical and nursing teams by assessing, helping, and instructing in a number of areas (Alseelawi et al. 2022).

Section 7 and 8:  Evaluate/conclude and relevant assessment/documentation that applies to your case study (5 marks)

Provide your summary of evaluation strategies and provide a concluding statement regarding your work with your client.The treatment needs to be provided properly so that the work can be kept at a good pace and everything can be organized. Proper nurses and health workers, like nurses, need to be there to help in getting a start from the patients who can help to maintain their situation and also keep their progress. Proper medicines will help to give support and make people understand what they need for the work. The right community worker, and health professional, such as a nurse, has to be present to commence the work process in a way that will assist to sustain the work and provide the patient with enough support. Patient like David who is in need of therapy obtain it, but not all of them can be treated successfully and need adequate time. Health professionals, such as nurses, who are given by the organization may provide sufficient community support and work processes that can assist to sustain the work and ensure that patients receive the right care. The lower limbs are the first parts that need to be worked on for people who have limb weakness or paralysis. There are many ways of progressing the work; it can be done through physiotherapy and exercise. Body movement can help to improve the illness to cure the problem as it helps to maintain life’s activities. Along with that, healthy dietary foods need to be provided which can initiate a health system. In order to improve it, bodily movement is crucial for muscle building and functional assessment. Additionally, nutritious foods should be offered so that the launch of the health system as a whole may be supported. For those who suffer from ulcer problems and food habits, the lower body must be worked on initially. Exercise and physiotherapy are two methods that can be used to advance the work. The maintenance of life’s activities as well as the improvement of sickness can both be facilitated by movement along with that, healthy mental programs can provide support to a systematic approach which can help to progress the work to proceed with the treatment method.
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