5CN035 HK Construction Costing and Procurement

Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Architecture and Built Environment


Module Title:Construction Costing and Procurement
Module Code:5CN035 HK
Component Number:2 of 2Element Number:
Weighting:50%Of overall module mark
Learning Outcomes to be assessed:
 LO1 – Identify and describe the QS functions under a variety of main contract   LO3 – Apply estimating techniques to a range of work tasks for construction projects
  Marking Criteria:
The student must produce a piece of coursework in the correct professional format showing extensive well researched knowledge of the subject area. The submission must be technically accurate and must be suitably related to the project scenario given. It must also include relevant, correctly referenced sources of information to indicate additional research and a demonstration of in-depth overall knowledge. The calculation of the quantities must be accurate and include all resources, calculations and costs used in the work
To pass examination assessment replaced by coursework for this module you need to achieve a minimum grade of 40% for this component
Assignment handed out:Examination replaced by coursework
Latest date for submission:On or Before 2pm – Tuesday 30th August, 2022
Assignments submitted after the deadline and without an authorised extension of time will be marked zero %.
Please mark your assignment for the attention of:Dr XXXXXXX
You should state ALL assumptions clearly and should make it very clear what sources of information have been used. Where material/information from these sources is quoted it must be clearly referenced using the Harvard Referencing System. (Details can be obtained from University Web Site – Learning Centres).
Examination replaced by coursework must be submitted on canvas on or before the deadline submission hand-in date and time. A proof of submission must be obtained when the assignments are submitted. You should keep your proof in a safe place. You are advised to keep your own electronic & ‘hard’ copy of any work submitted.

Marking Criteria – University Performance Descriptors

Using University Level 5 performance descriptors listed below, marks will be awarded for: evidence of justified assumptions; a professional and logical approach; technically correct calculations; accurate methodology and approach using extensive research appropriate to an academic essay layout on different types of tender evaluation mechanism using excel spreadsheet formulas and basic cost estimate backed up with all the quantities, cost data and calculations. See the more detailed guidance given for each task.

 Level 5
90-100%   OutstandingExceptionally detailed and original response to the assignment, with critical use of independently sourced contextual material. Outstanding demonstration of linked understanding of relevant theory, concepts and models. Extremely well structured with high level of technical competency. All quantities and calculations are correct, signposted and are robustly justified. No obvious errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
80-89%   ExcellentVery full, independent response to the assignment with totally relevant material which is well beyond any module input, demonstrating independent study. Excellent understanding of relevant theory, concepts and models. Very clear logical structure with an excellent level of technical competency. All quantities and calculations are correct, signposted and justified. Very few errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
70-79%   Very goodFull response to the assignment with all content relevant and focused. Very good understanding of relevant theory, concepts and models. Application of appropriate theory to examples/practice, demonstrating a rigorous approach to a variety of ideas, contexts or frameworks. A very good and logical structure with a very good level of technical competency. All main quantities and calculations are correct, signposted and in the main justified. Few errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
60-69%   GoodAnswers most if not all detailed aspects of the question. Content mainly relevant. Good knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and concepts and application of theoretical models. Evidence of a developing appreciation of contextual issues. Some minor quantity or calculation errors and missing some signposts and/or lacking justification of some items. Some small repeated errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate
50-59%   CompetentMain issues addressed and solid attempt to answer question. Some relevant content applied. Sound knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and concepts and identification of main issues evident. Some minor quantity and calculation errors and missing signposts justification of many items. Some repeated errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
40-49%   BasicSatisfactory attempt to address question/issues with some content relevant to assignment topic. Material engages with relevant module materials, but largely repeats taught input and lacks development or personal interpretation. Some general understanding of topic theory and concepts. Major quantity and calculation errors and/or no justifications. Lacks coherence.
30-39%   Retrievable failSome learning outcomes and / or assessment criteria not met and questions not answered fully. Content not wholly relevant. Little or no evidence of understanding of relevant theory. Very repetitive of taught input – no development or application. Major quantity and calculation errors and no breakdowns evident. Evidence of sufficient grasp of learning outcomes to suggest that the participant will be able to retrieve the module on resubmission.
20-29%No learning outcomes fully met. Little attempt to engage with the module materials or ideas.
10-19%Little attempt to engage with assignment brief and has not met learning outcomes. Inadequate demonstration of knowledge or understanding of key concepts, theories or practice.
0-9%No real attempt to address the assignment brief or learning outcomes

整修將分3個階段進行。 第一階段將是上層和底層的一半。 在第

Task 1 – LO1 – Identify and describe the QS functions under a variety of main contract

A project involves the refurbishment of a retail store. The project is to be carried out without a total closure of the store while refurbishment works are in progress. The store is located in the

一個項目涉及翻新一家零售店。 該項目將在不完全關閉商店的情況下進行,而翻新工程正


ever-busy Kowloon City Centre Mall.

在進行中。 該店位於繁華的九龍城中心商場。

將繼續在底層的一半營業。 工程完成後,店面餘下一半的翻新工程將完成,新翻新的一樓和整個一樓的交易將繼續進行。 最後階段將完成外部立面。 這是最好的方法,將對客戶產生最小的干

擾。 第 3 階段將在商店在交易時間後關閉時進

The refurbishment will be done in 3 phases. The first phase will be the upper floor and half of the ground floor. Whilst refurbishment is taking place in the first phase, the store will continue trading on half of the ground floor. Once works have been completed, the refurbishment will be completed to the remaining half of the store and trading will continue in the newly refurbished half of the ground floor and the whole of the first floor. The final phase will be to complete the external elevation. This is the best method and will create minimum interference for customers. Phase 3 will be done at times when the store is closed after trading hours.

A (i) As an estimator for the company, study the proposed work method and identify ten (10) factors (from the information presented above) that could significantly affect your tender

行。                              estimate.

A (i) 作為公司的估價師,研究提議的工作方法並確定十 (10) 個可能顯著影響您的投標估價的因素(根據上述信息)。

  • Discuss in detail how these ten (10) factors will be considered when preparing an estimate for this project. (ii) 詳細討論在為本項目進行估算時將如何考慮這十 (10) 個因素。
  • On assumption labour for the above project is to be employed directly by both contractor

and subcontractor working on the project, discuss in detail different considerations when estimating for the labour. (iii) 假設上述項目的勞動力將由從事該項目的承包商和分包商直接僱用,在估算勞動力時詳


  • Identify and explain key factors that an estimator will need to consider and make allowances for, when estimating for materials on assumption the above project is a lump sum contract. (iv) 在假設上述項目為一次性合同的情況下對材料進行估算時,確定並解釋估算人員需要考慮和考慮的關鍵因素。

B (i) Using a past or existing Hong Kong construction project case study compare and contrast in detail operational estimating and unit rate estimating. In your discussion, include advantages and disadvantages of both operational estimating and unit rate estimating as applicable to the

project case study (500 word limit)

B (i) 使用過去或現有的香港建設項目案例研究比較和對比詳細的運營估算和單位費率估算。 在您的討論中,包括適用於項目案例研究的運營

估算和單位費率估算的優缺點(500 字限制)

領班ii) Assuming a 58-week duration has been given for the above project, using the data provided below, estimate the cost of placing concrete per m3 using the operational estimating approach:

Data/Assumptions   Total cubic metres of concrete to be placed 待澆混凝土的總立方米數 2550 m3 Overall duration of concreting operations 澆築作業的總工期 58 Weeks Plant Required 需要工廠 1 Mobile Crane @ £600.00/ week   2 Concrete Skips @ £25.00 / week for 1 skip   3 Dumpers @ £200.00 / week for 1 dumper   3 Vibrators @ £35.00 / week for 1 vibrator 振動器 Labour Required 1 Ganger @ £600.00 / week   4 Labourers @ £450.00/ week per labourer 工人    

ii) 假設上述項目的工期為 58 週,使用下面提供的數據,使用操作估算方法估算每立方米混凝土的澆築成本:

C. Using a past or existing Hong Kong construction project case study, discuss Building Information Modelling (BIM) maturity levels and for each level discuss what impact BIM could have on tendering and estimating process. Your narrative is expected to include definitions of 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D and the expected benefits of each of these BIM dimensions in adoption of BIM for Capital Works Project in Hong Kong (700 word limit)

C. 使用過去或現有的香港建築項目案例研究,討論建築信息模型 (BIM) 成熟度級別,並針對每個級別討論 BIM 對招標和估算過程的影響。 您的敘述應包括 2D、3D、4D、5D、6D 和 7D 的定義,以及在香港基本工程項目採用 BIM 時每個這些 BIM 維度的預期好處(700 字限制)

Task 2 – LO3 – Apply estimating techniques to a range of work tasks for construction projects

A. Using the relevant data provided in the data sheet attached and making reasonable assumptions where data is not provided:

A. 使用所附數據表中提供的相關數據,並在未提供數據的情況下做出合理假設:

(i) Build up a price for the preliminaries item B in the bill of quantities extract attached.

  • 在隨附的工程量清單摘錄中為預備項目 B 建立價格。
  • Build up a unit rate for item D in the bill of quantities extract attached.
  • 在隨附的工程量清單摘錄中為 D 項建立一個單位費率。
  • Build up a unit rate for item E in the bill of quantities extract attached.
  • 在隨附的工程量清單摘錄中為 E 項建立一個單位費率。
  • Build up a unit rate for item F in the bill of quantities extract attached

(iv) 在隨附的工程量清單摘錄中為項目 F 建立一個單位費率

Produce and submit your calculations electronically to ensure clarity in your calculations. You MUST include all supporting documentation, notes, assumptions and calculation sheets as applicable. You must also retain a personal electronic copy of your work.

以電子方式生成和提交您的計算,以確保您的計算清晰。 您必須包括所有適用的支持文件、註釋、假設和計算表。 您還必須保留您作品的個人電子副本。

Miscellaneous items from recent bill of quantities based on NRM2 shown below:

基於 NRM2 的近期工程量清單中的雜項如下所示:

ItemDescriptionQtyUnitRateTotal £        p
 Main Contractor’s cost items    
 Management and staff – main contractor’s project-specific management and staff    
AConstruction Manager78weeks  
BProject Quantity Surveyor78weeks  
 Excavating by machine    
 To reduce levels:    
Cmaximum depth not exceeding 1.00m120m3  
 Filling to make up levels    
DNot exceeding 250mm average thickness; with hardcore of clean hard broken stone60m3  
 14 MASONRY    
 Brick Walling    
 Class B engineering brickwork in mortar (1:4)    
 In foundations    
Elaid in stretcher bond, in half-brick skin hollow wall300m2  
F25mm diameter hot rolled deformed high yield steel bars in isolated columns, straight or bent50t  
 Page…/1To Collection page £ 


Data sheet

labour categoryall-in hourly rate 
Craftsman£ 17.09 
steel fixer£ 17.09 
Bricklayer£ 17.09 
formwork carpenter£ 17.09 
skilled operative 1£ 15.86 
welder£ 15.86 
excavator (over 3.85m3) driver£ 15.86 
tower crane driver£ 15.86 
plant mechanic£ 15.86 
skilled operative 2£ 15.37 
maintenance mechanic£ 15.37 
grader driver£ 15.37 
scraper driver£ 15.37 
skilled operative 3£ 14.45 
excavator (under 1m3) driver£ 14.45 
skilled operative 4£ 13.77 
crane/hoist/derrick banksman£ 13.77 
dumper (under 7t) driver£ 13.77 
General operative£ 12.87 
banksman£ 12.87 


Materialquantityunitsupplier rateDelivery
Diesel1ltr£ 1.29 
Bricks   £30/10000br
Common bricks1nr£ 0.43 
Class B engineering brick452nr£ 255.55 
Langley rust552nr£ 430.00 
English rustic495nr£ 457.00 
Burnt multi rustic316nr£ 327.41 
Blocks   £30/1000bl
100mm hollow concrete blocks72nr£ 54.36 
100mm solid concrete blocks72nr£ 57.24 
100mm thermalite blocks72nr£ 62.28 
HRT4 s/s ties 200mm250nr£ 18.95 
HRT4 s/s ties 225mm250nr£ 19.95 
Cement25kg£ 2.99£10/tonne
Fine aggregate40kg£ 2.19 
Coarse aggregate40kg£ 2.45 
Dpm 1000 gauge100m2£ 27.95 
Dpm 1200 gauge100m2£ 32.95 
Dpc 225mm30m£ 8.49 
47 x 503m£ 2.65 
47 x 753m£ 3.25 
Ready mix concrete1m3£ 80.00 
Ready mix mortar    
1:1:61m3£ 40.00 
1:41m3£ 36.00 
Hardcore MOT Type 11T£ 22.50 
25mm m.s. bars, cut/bent to size1T£ 450.00 
Tie wire1kg£ 16.00 
Chairs and spacers1nr£ 0.60 


PlantCapacityOutput (m3/hr)Hiring chargeDelivery (1 way)Diesel
Four wheel drive2.5tonnes6.25£150.00/wk£45.002.5ltrs/hr
Four wheel drive3tonnes £ 280.00/wk£45.003.5ltrs/hr
Excavators (incl fuel & driver)     
JCB 3C excavator 5£392.00/day£75.00 
Wheeled hydraulic17/18tonnes £ 33.43/hr£75.00 
Soil Compactors     
Plate compactor200kg £ 2.08/hr  
Roller 6£ 3.99/hr  
Concrete/Mortar Mixers     
Open drum without hopper0.09/0.06m32£ 1.75/hr£20.00 
Open drum with hopper0.20/0.15m34.2£ 3.30/hr£25.00 
Concrete/Mortar Transport Equipment     
Lorry mounted concrete pump50m3 per hr £ 74.90/hr  
Concrete Equipment     
Vibrator poker petrol typeup to 75mm dia.2.5£ 2.63/hr 1ltr/hr
Power float725mm-900mm2.5£ 2.28/hr 1ltr/hr

Output rates

Laying brick/blockwork   
½brick facings1.3hrs/m2 
½brick in foundations1hrs/m2no pointing required
1 brick wall2hrs/m2 
hollow block wall0.46hrs/m2 
Unloading bricks/block10,000br/hr1 labourer to attend
Deposition and compaction by JCB 3C + 2 labourers & roller0.17hr/m3 
Unload and stack reinforcement bars1T/hr1 labourer to attend
Fixing of m.s. bar reinforcement21manhrs/tonne 

Conversion factors & Memoranda

MOT Type 11.92 
Wallmortar m3/br 
½ brick0.0003 
1 brick0.0006 
Wallno of bricks/m2 
½ brick60 
1 brick120 
1½ brick180 
Tie wire7.5kg 
Chairs and spacers30nr 
workday8 hrs 

Site management costs

Construction Manager’s Gross Annual Salary (GAS)£28,577 
Project Quantity Surveyor’s Gross Annual Salary (GAS)£24,000 
Annual paid holidays6 weeks 
Employer’s NI contribution12.8% of GAS 
Employer’s pension scheme contribution5% of GAS 
Company car on lease-hire£145/weekIncluding road tax and servicing, but excluding fuel
Fuel for company car£65/week 
Company cars insurance policy£20,000 paCovers 31 cars

Make any other necessary assumption(s) to facilitate your estimating.

Submission of work

Your completed work for assignments must be handed in on or before the due date. You must keep a copy or backup of any assessed work that you submit. Failure to do so may result in your having to repeat that piece of work. Any item handed in must have, clearly written on the front:

your student number

the module number, title and the module leader’s name the date of submission

Penalties for late submission of coursework

Standard University arrangements apply. ANY late submission will result in 0% NS being allocated to the coursework.

Procedure for requesting extensions / mitigating circumstances

Applications for extensions need to be made using the standard form obtained from the Programme Manager at SCOPE, Hong Kong or by using the standard form obtainable online from e:vision. http://www.wlv.ac.uk/Default.aspx?page=14112. Further information can be found at http://www.wolvesunion.org/advice/academic/

Retrieval of Failure

Where a student fails a module (less than 40%) they have the right to attempt the failed assessment(s) once, at the next resit opportunity. If a student fails assessment for a second time they have a right to repeat the module, at additional expense and additional time).


Return of assignments

Assignments will be kept for inspection by the external examiner.

Feedback sheets will normally be available after 4 teaching weeks from receipt in HK so as to review progress.

If you have any questions regarding your feedback you normally have two working weeks from the date you receive your returned assessment and/or written feedback or receive your exam results to contact and discuss the matter with your module tutor.


Cheating is any attempt to gain unfair advantage by dishonest means and includes plagiarism and collusion. Cheating is a serious offence. You are advised to check the nature of each assessment. You must work individually unless it is a group assessment.

Cheating is defined as any attempt by a candidate to gain unfair advantage in an assessment by dishonest means, and includes e.g. all breaches of examination room rules, impersonating another candidate, falsifying data, and obtaining an examination paper in advance of its authorised release.

Plagiarism is defined as incorporating a significant amount of un-attributed direct quotation from, or un-attributed substantial paraphrasing of, the work of another.

Collusion occurs when two or more students collaborate to produce a piece of work to be submitted (in whole or part) for assessment and the work is presented as the work of one student alone.

For further details see: http://www.wolvesunion.org/advice/academic/

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KIT103 Computational Science

School of Information and Communication Technology College of Sciences and Engineering Unit Outline KIT103 Computational Science Semester 2, 2022 Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart Newnham Campus, Launceston COVID-19 (Coronavirus Information) For information on how you can help keep us all safe, please review the Coronavirus updates page here: https://www.utas.edu.au/about/safety-security-and-wellbeing/coronavirus Sections that

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SEN725 Urban Stormwater Asset Design

Assessment Task -4 Final Report – Analysis of CoGG Stormwater Network Weight 50% This is an individual assessment task. Plagiarism and collusion is unacceptable practice at Deakin University. You must appropriately reference your work. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. For more information on plagiarism and collusion,

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PSY3PRP 2022 Assignment 2: Research Project Report

PSY3PRP 2022 Assignment 2: Research Project Report Guidelines and Marking Rubric Individual Research Report due Wednesday 19th October 11.59pm (50% of total grade) For this assignment—with support through structured tutorial work across much of the semester— you will produce an individually-written report on the broad topic of feeding difficulties in

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Increasing Demand for assignment help in Namibia

With the growing population, the demand for clean energy, advanced technology, new structures, and better healthcare is escalating day by day which makes engineering the most popular degree for the youth. As more people pursue engineering nowadays, it also makes it one of the most difficult and competitive degrees also.

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Online Assignment Help in Germany

How Could You Do Exam Preparation Effectively? Exam time is full of challenges and difficulties. You have to juggle exams even in high school, college, or higher education. It defines your knowledge of a specific subject and how well you know the curriculum. The exam also tests how much you

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Get Excellent Human Values Assignment Help Immediately

Get Excellent Human Values Assignment Help Immediately: Expert Solutions to all your Queries Instant Human Values Assignment Help Online Students can get Human Values assignment help online in a fast and simple way from the experts at Universal Assignment Help Service. Their team of over 172+ subject experts works every

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Get Top Modern History Assignment Help Online

Order Modern History Assignment Help immediately Students often need modern history assignment help for many reasons. Getting immediate online help for assignments helps students boost their academics in incredible ways. Sometimes, the pressure of studies is too much to take for students. This causes them to score poor grades and

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Get Instant Assignment Help in the United Arab Emirates

How Can Assignments Help Students? Whatever the definition of homework is, one thing is certain: it helps students thoroughly learn the concepts they have studied in class. The number of such assignments may cause stress or a burden. It means students and tutors are both correct in their type of

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Assignment Help in Mexico

How to Gain Awesome Grades in Your Chemistry Subject? Whether you are pursuing a technical degree or studying in the science stream, chemistry is always at the forefront. If you love to observe reactions, molecules, acids, condensation, evaporation, and dilution, chemistry will prove a resource for getting outstanding academic marks.

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